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Published: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Sheffield Interact currently has 23 members.


Sheffield Interact Branch was founded in 1993 and some of our founding members are still active within the branch. We are always looking for new members from different disciplines however we do try to keep the maximum number from each discipline to two.


2018 will see a major change for us. Baldwin’s Omega Restaurant, one of Sheffield’s premier eateries and has been our chosen location for 20 years, will close due to the retirement of David Baldwin, the larger than life owner of the business. Visitors and members alike have looked forward to eating at Baldwins and it will be a difficult act to follow. Our Chairman, David Cottam has the difficult task of finding a new venue however I am sure he will put on a few pounds whilst doing his research!

Interact is all about networking and we are planning joint lunches with Manchester and South Manchester Branches to further our recent joint events with Leeds and Bradford.


Annually in January, we hold our AGM which is always at some appropriate hostelry where we discuss membership, events and finance before tucking into some hearty food (the members seem to favour Indian)

We are a friendly bunch and always look forward to meeting members and their guests. It is a tradition at Sheffield Interact that after dinner each member stands and introduces his guest, hopefully with some anecdotes about the individual as well as his role in the industry.


We also get visits from Interact members around the UK. Although there is nothing in the diary yet we hope the new Interact President, Simon Parker will be visiting our branch in 2018