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Category: Ipswich

Published: Thursday, 27 October 2016 11:05


We are currently made up of 20 members and we are always looking for new member suggestions however we do try to keep the maximum number from each discipline to two.

Our lunches are held at Hintlesham Hall Hotel, in Hadleigh. There is always a friendly atmosphere at our events and lots of opportunities to network with key individuals from the region. Visitors are always encouraged and very welcome with a member.

We hold an annual summer event and invite members from our Norwich, Cambridge and Essex branches. We are also happy to have joint lunches with any like-minded branches.

Our AGM is held in December where we discuss membership, events past and future and any other round the table ideas.

We would like to encourage any Interact Members from around the country to join us at our luncheons or event – you are always very welcome.